22 Oct

How to remove shortcut virus from pen drive or memory card


Nowadays, .lnk shortcut virus has been a headache. This shortcut virus wraps up your entire directory structure in single lnk folder which is named with your pen drive name followed by its size. Suppose your  8GB pen drive is named as KINGSTON then all folders in pen drive get encapsulated in a lnk file called KINGSTON(8GB).lnk. This problem may cause not only in pen drives, also in memory sticks, phone memories, external hard disks etc. Infected pen drive looks like shown in figure

shortcut virus

Even latest anti viruses fail to detect this virus. Here is very simple trick to recover your data infected by this virus.

How to remove shortcut virus:

  1. Go to Run (Short Cut: Win + R)
  2. Type cmd and hit enter
  3. Type the drive name shown in my computer for your pen drive / memory stick (may be I, G, H or anything else) Eg: C:\Users\mgoyani> G:
  4. Type del *.lnk and press enter
  5. Type command attrib –s –r –h *.* /s /d /l and hit enter
  6. Go to my computer, open your pen drive / memory card, and get your data

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